What To Wear

Keep your clothes non restrictive, being able to move and be comfortable is important. Coordination is the key but not matchy matchy.

Don’t be afraid to go with a theme, anything that represents you and your lifestyle – casual, classic or formal.

Fitted clothes translate better to photograph than baggy ones. Belts can cinch that dress you are loving lately.

Keep your clothes at the same level of formality. Stay on the same page so that you complement each other not compete.

Don’t be scared away from layers they add depth to any photograph. Adding a scarf or jacket/sweater can help a lot.

Avoid that logo shirt or shirts with writing splattered across it, not only is it distracting but takes away from a timeless fresh look.

Add color! A pop of color in your shoes, jacket, and scarf can really take your photo to the next level.
White is not always your friend, try to avoid wearing a lot of it. It can wash your skin out and mess with a photos highlight.

Maternity Session: Stay away from patterns it can destract the eye away from that amazing baby belly your carrying.