Are The Images On The Disc Watermarked?

No, all the images you receive on your disc are high-res edited photos without the watermark. You carry the printing rights with your photos so feel free to share them on facebook, email them to friends and print your pictures. I highly recommend printing your photos instead of leaving them on a disc for no one to see.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Pictures?

Wedding day photos can take approx. 2 months to receive but I am always working on making sure you get them in good time. Remember these are your wedding photos and the last thing you want to do is have them rushed and not give them the attention that deserve.

What Are Some Details On The Wedding Album?

The album that comes with the gold wedding package is a 10x10 with leather or fabric cover (depends on the style and color you are wanting). It has 20 pages or 10 spreads. I bring a sample with me to all my client meetings so you can see it.

Do You Shoot Destination Weddings?

Sure do! I love travel and photography why not mesh the two together? Depending where you are getting married depends on travel fees/packages. Give me a email/call so we can set up a meeting.

When Is Our Deposit Due?

A deposit is due at the time of signing the contract and the final deposit is due 1 month before your wedding day. Paying your final deposit before your wedding day keeps me from bugging you and lets me get straight to work on your big day.

How Do I Book?

It's really easy! Fill out the contact form and then lets meet for coffee, we want to make sure we are a match and that you have all the information. Then you sign a contract and leave a deposit to hold your date. That’s it!